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Autosol Marine Metal Polish - 75ml Offer £6.52ea (Our list £8.15ea)


It cleans and removes rust from all bright metal parts and return gloss to faded gelcoat and fibreglass.

AUTOSOL® MARINE METAL POLISH Highly abrasive cleaning, polishing and grinding agent for weathered boat surfaces. It maintains and derusts all bare metal parts on the boat, e.g. fittings and GFK surfaces. Even stubborn stains are removed completely. The product delays re-starting and corrosion.




Ingredients: ALUMINA, AQUA, Kohlenwasserstoffe, C10-C13, n-Alkane, Isoalkane, cyclische, <2% Aromaten, Kohlenwasserstoffe, C11-C14, n-Alkane, Isoalkane, cyclische, <2% Aromaten, Fettsäuren, C16-18- und C18-ungesättigt, Kohlenwasserstoffe, C10, Aromaten, <1% Naphthalin, HYDROGENATED TALLOW ACID, Castor oil, sulfated, sodium salt, AMMONIUM HYDROXIDE.

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