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Autosol Marine Cutting/Rubbing Compound - 1 Ltr Offer £27.95ea (Our list £34.95ea)


Our Price £27.95ea (Our list £34.95ea)

AUTOSOL MARINE CUTTING OR RUBBING COMPOUND is perfect for the restoration of your boat's gelcoated surfaces, and can easily remove abrasive marks to leave a clean shine. With ease Autosol High Performance Marine Compound removes marks from any fibreglass surface! The silicone-free formula means that any fibreglass surface can be buffed without fear of leaving behind permanent damage, while also leaving no dust residue on deck or equipment.



With Autosol Marine Compound you can quickly remove signs of deep scratches and sun damage from any surface. This product is a fast-acting cutting compound that effectively removes heavy scuffs from the surfaces. It also leaves no scratches or swirled marks on the surface so it's perfect for all kinds of finishes.

Fast-cutting compounds
Leaves no scratches/swirl marks

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